My best friend referred me to Liz. I have suffered from chronic depression for most of my life and homeopathy is the ONLY energy modality that has been effective for me. I was surprised how thorough she was and how much time she spent with me. I really felt she understood me. She is an excellent homeopath.

– Luisa G.    Chandler, AZ

Liz has been my homeopath for the past three years and I called her one day because I was feeling sadness concerning an issue with my eldest child. I had also just had a baby (and was nursing). She told me what remedy to take. I had forgotten to mention to her that the milk in my right breast had stopped and it was very painful. After taking my remedy the depression lifted and my milk came in and the pain was gone. I was shocked!! I called her and asked if this was a coincidence and she said, “No, this symptom is covered by your homeopathic remedy.” It was truly a miracle!!! I love homeopathy!!! Thank you, Liz.

– Jocelyn O.    Glendale, CA

I took my 4 y/o daughter to see Liz for digestive issues. She was also a very shy child. I would say that within the first month my daughter stopped complaining of stomach pain and I noticed her tummy wasn’t getting bloated anymore. There was a striking improvement in her personality as well that even other family members asked me what I was doing differently. She started engaging and talking to other family members at get togethers and playing more with children. Liz helped my daughter break out of her shell!!!

I was impressed by the results my daughter was getting with homeopathy that I decided to see Liz for my migraines. I used to get them twice a month. Since starting homeopathy 2 years ago, I am happy to say that I have had only one episode. I am migraine free now thanks to Liz.

– Sofie & Elizabeth    Newport Beach, CA

Anxiety was something that I had suffered with for quite a few years. It was so bad that it kept me from doing things that I really enjoyed. A family member then referred me to Liz. The first time I met her she spent a few hours getting to know not only my anxiety issues, but she also wanted to get a sense of all things in my life. At first I did not understand why such information was needed, but in the end it all came together. Liz wanted to know all that information to get to understand me as a whole. She wanted to get to the bottom of what I was dealing with. After I started taking the remedy I started to notice changes instantly. I started to see differences in myself for the better. My anxiety started going away and I was also feeling more confident and better about myself. I was able to go out with friends regularly without having to worry about my anxiety making an appearance. Throughout the time I was taking the remedy, Liz would email me to see how I was doing. I really appreciated her for this because most of the time when a doctor prescribes you medicine they leave it at that. Liz wanted to make sure I was doing well and wanted to hear all about my progress. I am thankful for her help and would use homeopathy again.

– Jenny    Whittier, CA

I would like to share my experience with homeopathic therapy. I experience urinary tract infections every month with lots of pain. I tried homeopathy for the first time and to my surprise it worked!! After taking the second dose, I could feel improvement. My pain was less and my bladder felt some relief. By the night fall, I could say I felt much better. It took only two days to cure my UTI. I should have tried homeopathy years ago. I’m a believer!!!!

– Aurora C.    Los Angeles, CA

When I first saw Liz I had a lot of different issues going on with me. I suffered from insomnia and anxiety. I was losing my hair and I was breaking out with tiny bumps on my face and back. After taking my homeopathic remedy, I noticed improvement in my sleep the very first night and I had a lot more energy during the day. After five months of treatment, my hair started growing back and I stopped breaking out. I find myself letting go of the small trivial things in my life and I feel calmer too. I am so thankful and grateful to Liz.

– Socorro B.    Cudahy, CA

I have noticed that I don’t think negatively about all the people that used to bother me in my life since our tapping sessions together. Last week I met up with my girlfriend (the one I had the falling out with) to make amends. We decided to continue being friends. And people keep commenting that there’s something different about me, that I have a sparkle in my eye.  Thanks so much for all of your help.”

– Keisha T.    Los Angeles, CA